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HAVING FUN. We work with, as well as for, the client. This describes our philosophy and our work ethic. We use this buzzword e on a day-to-day basis and we take it to hundreds of companies across the world, and to their thousands of customers.

At Bonus we spend every day having fun creating and manufacturing 
different promotional gadgets, which are targeted at the mass market so that our clients maximise their sales.

And it is only by having fun while we create that we have managed to make sure that, for every second that passes, a consumer somewhere in the world has received a premium developed and produced by us.

With a head office in Manresa, Barcelona, the Bonus team is made up of engineers, graphic designers and creative talent who work closely with our clients to develop each campaign.

We have offices in Hong Kong to manage buying operations in Asia, in addition to a production plant in Toledo (Spain), where we produce and package thousands of flat print gadgets every day.


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